Branches – construction

PremTech’s products and systems have been used successfully in the construction industry for many years. Our systems are enthusiastically received, specifically by professionals. The quality of our products, the completeness of the systems and the advice from our organisation’s team of professionals all mean that our business contacts enjoy a completely hassle-free experience and are guaranteed top-grade application and finishing.


One of PremTech’s key concepts is its Joint Sealing System. Many companies – primarily in the construction industry – have been using this system successfully for years. But the Joint Sealing System is also well received in the industry in general. By working according to the method described, it’s very easy to achieve a proper seal. Every step has been thought through carefully, and there is a solution for every situation. Of course, we also have a wide range of products that can be applied individually. The best-known examples are our PremTack and No-Crack Premium.

Both are very high-quality products used in the construction industry, not only in new construction and renovation but also in maintenance work. But various dual-component repair products are also possible. The DrainSeal is a product used in the Dutch construction industry to seal shower drains. The Liquid Plug, as the name suggests, is a product that serves as a liquid plug. This product means that problems with fixings in hollow walls are a thing of the past.