PremTech International is looking for distributors in several European countries. Our approach and top-grade products combined with the connection we make with customers mean we are growing rapidly. This personalised approach is in high demand. We partner with our customers to advise them on which products best suit which jobs. And we go to great lengths to achieve this: consultations, training sessions and sometimes even custom-made products. All to ensure that customers experience the best solution to their particular challenge.

It is important to make clear at the early stages what we expect from a potential partner and what we offer a potential partner. This ensures that we do not face any surprises during any preliminary discussions.

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    We offer

    Contractual security for a longer period

    Ready-to-use quality products

    An exclusive catchment area in one of our sectors

    An organisation that offers a great deal of support

    Multiple possible forms of cooperation

    The partnership is structured so that PremTech International plays a largely facilitating role. Products and marketing will be organised. The party we partner with can immediately focus on their core business – establishing relationships with customers and marketing its products. How these relationships are found and how this is fully implemented is conveyed to the relevant party by our trainers. We teach you the sales system and, when required, actively train you in the field. We do this until a level is reached at which independent work is possible. If a partner already has a certain basic level, we are obviously happy with that too. This means we hit the road running.

    We demand


    Confidence in our way of working

    The will to build an organisation

    Commitment to a growth plan drawn up together

    Working exclusively with PremTech products